Giving all drivers the green light.

At OCM, we believe that getting from point A to point B is a driver’s right but every single day, drivers are turned away by traditional lending options.

OCM is the key to unlocking access to equitable loans that take your entire story into account and with our key in hand, drivers can turn the ignition on and start their journey to a better life.
That means your dealership can get back to what it does best:

Getting drivers
on the road.

Nothing can slow us down.
90% of OCM applications are approved daily.
Our numbers speak for themselves.
800 dealerships have signed up already.
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There’s no idling here. 
Our experts will have a decision for you within 1 hr, guaranteed.

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Keep your inventory moving and accelerate your revenues.
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It’s about the journey and the destination.

And with OCM, you’ll never have to pick one over the other.

Everyone’s got somewhere to be, but not everyone can get there. That’s why we’re committed to eliminating all roadblocks, so drivers can keep building momentum, to get to their destination — whether that’s a once-in-a-lifetime cross-country trip, or a short drive home after a long day’s work.
How OCM works
Car camping
“We have been in the automotive business for over 12 years and have 8 locations across Canada! We are leaders in the subprime auto finance industry, staffing over 100 finance managers across Ontario and Quebec. 85% of the clients that we see have average to deep subprime credit. After developing a relationship with OCM and really utilizing their programs, we have seen a significant uptake in our approvals. OCM has programs designed to cater to all types of credit, but their core competencies lie in their flexibility to close the deal.

Daniel Beshara has been our Regional Manager for the past few years, and I can’t find the words to express his level of competence. This man answers his phone 24/7 and works every deal, like it's his only deal. It's as if he is working for us! If you have been in this industry for any duration of time, you know this quality is super rare!

OCM and Daniel, we look forward to building an empire of deals with you guys in 2023! Thank you for your support.”

Ashish Bhattarai, President at Approval Genie

We stand for Opportunity, Care, Momentum.

We create opportunity through attentive care, which creates momentum in the lives of everyday people.

And our insightful team is in the drivers’ seat.
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