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We’re the kind of people you want on a road trip.

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“I’ll never forget my first time behind the wheel — the freedom and independence of hitting the road. It’s an endless possibility that everyone should have access to, and now, with OCM, everyone can.”

Andrew Abraham, OCM Founder

At OCM, our blue-sky, open-road vision is that every driver can own a vehicle.

Loan approval rate
We’re loud and proud about our 90% loan approval rate, because it means we’re giving drivers access to the steering wheel, every single day — and helping hard-working car dealerships like yours meet their clients’ needs.
Years of experience
It’s a joyful job, but that doesn’t mean it’s one that we take lightly. That’s why we rely on our strong foundation, built over 25 years of top-tier industry experience.

Our departments 

Our work is supported by our three pillars:


We really care about people. We know everyone has their own unique story and life experiences. When we get a loan application, it’s our job to see the full picture, beyond the numbers.


Not just reserved for cars, drive reflects our decisive ambition, inspired by our commitment to getting you to your destination.


To us, equity is more than the financial value of something — it’s about being treated fairly. When a principled approach is taken to auto-financing, anyone can own their vehicle.

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It’s simple physics:

You have to move to get anywhere.

And when you move with purpose — when you truly put your
whole heart into it — you’ll see the results.

At OCM, moving with purpose means that we’ve given all drivers the green light to own their vehicle, to expand their horizons with the open road ahead, leading to financial opportunity, economic prosperity, and more time with loved ones.

For us, moving with purpose means that you can move too, saying ‘yes’ to the clients that come into your car dealership — even when their loan application has been turned down by big banks.

And when auto-financing is approved?
Well, that’s another driver given the ability to make major moves.

At OCM, that’s the kind of physics that we live for.

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